In winter semester 2007/ 08 the University of Cologne launched a new undergraduate program in "Asian Cultures and Societies" (KUGA) where students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) after three years of study. The related postgraduate degree program (Master of Arts) in "Indian Studies" can be studied since winter semester 2008/ 09. Both programs replaced the former Magister Artium study program in "Indology and Tamil Studies"  where new enrollments are not possible any more.

Students receive a sound education and training in the languages of Tamil, Sinhalese, Malayalam or Khmer as well as broad overview on the history and societies of South India and South Asia (SAARC countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), Tamil literature, Indian religions and philosophy and the economy of India. A particular focus is the interdisciplinary structure of our study programs that link cultural studies with social sciences.

You can find more details about the BA study program and KUGA below following links:


Flyer about the B.A. program in "Asian Cultures and Societies" with focus on Indian Studies (German)

Information on the structure of the study programs in "Asian Cultures and Societies" (KUGA) (German) 


Information regarding the B.A./ M.A. study programs and KUGA (German) 


Online-Information for applicants (German)

Guidebook on the B.A. program in Asian Cultures and Societies with focus on Indian Studies (German)